We are John and Holly, retired and full time RVers.

We went full time in August 2013 but were still working half time via the internet from the road. We retired at the end of August 2014. We travel with our “senior” cat, Snickers , who we have dubbed “The Camper House Queen”. She turned 18 in February, 2013. Our granddaughter, Chloe “The Camper House Princess”, travels with us whenever we can snag her and our son, Jesse, joins us when he can get away from work. Chloe turned 8 in August 2014.

We’ve had many different jobs and worn many different hats. Our longest stint was as Boy Scout leaders for 18 years. We camped twelve months a year in any and all kinds of weather in the Mid-Atlantic but we slept in tents with an occasional cabin thrown in. We had no experience with RVs so once we decided this is what we wanted to do, we basically jumped off the cliff and went with the “total immersion” method.

We worked via the internet for a year but realized we could make it without that extra income and extra stress so we gave 6 months notice and retired.

We now go where the wind, the weather and our whims take us.

3 Responses to About

  1. Nancy Walter says:

    Obviously “this” evening, not “to” evening. Crazy autocorrect. I was just scanning down through your posts and saw the adorable Snickers. Being a cat person too I had to stop there and read about him. We too have traveled with our cats. Three was the most at one time! We lost our elder statesman, Cambria, three weeks ago and the RV will never be the same without him so I know how you are feeling without Snickers. Safe travels!
    Nancy Walter

  2. Nancy Walter says:

    It was nice to meet you to evening. It is such a small world but so vast at the same time.
    Nancy Walter

  3. Love your blog, it covers a lot of the same area as I do so I have enjoyed cross referencing it.

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