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Avery Island, Tabasco Factory Tour, Jungle Gardens

November 28, 2018 Who here hasn’t heard of Tabasco Sauce? I expect the answer is very, very few. Well, EVERY bottle of Tabasco Sauce that you have ever seen in person or movies was bottled on Avery Island in New … Continue reading

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Acadian Culture Center, Lafayette Visitor Center, Cajun Food, and Frog City RV Park

November 23, 2018 Acadian Culture Center THIS is where you find out what all this Acadian, Cajun, and Evangeline stuff is. It is ALL OVER this area. Roads, buildings, billboards, company names… you name it, it has Cajun, Acadian or … Continue reading

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November 21, 2018 The original Vermilionville was named for the Vermilion that grew wild in this area. It was the first town built by the Acadians when they relocated here. The town was later renamed Lafayette. The Vermilionville that we … Continue reading

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Cane River Creole NHP

November 18, 2018 Cane River Creole National Historic Park consists of two plantations – Oakland Plantation and Magnolia Plantation – separated by about 10 miles. We visited both. How could we not? At each location they have nice maps with … Continue reading

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Fort St. Jean Baptiste

November 16, 2018 The trading post that would become Fort St. Jean Baptiste and the town of Natchitoches was founded over 300 years ago. The site they chose was ideal for making trade connections. The Red River flowed into the … Continue reading

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Arkansas Post

November 13-14, 2018 Arkansas Post Museum John went to this one on his own while Holly huddled in a heated camper with a head cold. (Too cold, not going! Such a wimp – but a warm, happy wimp.) For those … Continue reading

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Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

November 9, 2018 I am very glad we made this stop because it was a real eye opener. What made it especially valuable was our tour guide. He personally knew several of the black students who went to that school … Continue reading

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