Edible Science

June 21, 2018 Earth and Space Science Lab, Frederick MD


While we were based in Maryland our favorite volunteer job was at the ESSL. https://education.fcps.org/essl/home Frederick County Public Schools has a seriously awesome science lab that is open to the public for planetarium shows and special events. When that happened, we got to volunteer.

We played with snakes, a hedgehog, giant African millipedes, hissing cockroaches, cool lizards and… Drupal the iguana (to name a few). This was the best volunteer job ever. Drupal has his own twitter account. You don’t need an account to check out the happenings at the science lab. https://twitter.com/drupaltheiguana?lang=en Drupal gets to wander around when the Lab is open and is a huge hit with all the guests. Check out this video of Froggy Molting (the biggest snake there). Be sure to turn up the sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_9n8P8go2A

June 21st was their Summerfest so we had films, animals and people all day long. It was also the last show day for one of the co-directors that we had worked with for over three years. Our granddaughter felt he needed a special send off from her so we started baking. Basic cookies and cupcakes wouldn’t do so we turned to the Nerdy Nummies cookbook (go, Ro!) and searched online. The results were: Earth Cake (inner core, outer core, mantle, continents and oceans), galaxy cupcakes, galaxy cookies, phases of the moon french macarones and crayfish (because the director loved teaching that module).

DSC06025 DSC06029


Science is FUN and YUMMY!

Caution, above goodies took around four pounds of seriously good, homemade, butter cream frosting… and there were a LOT of spoons to lick.


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