July 27, 2018

Migas for breakfast – YUMMMM

You know a child is growing up when their taste changes. You are no longer restricted to Kraft Mac & Cheese and ramen soup. Chloe has been expanding her palate over the last few years but had some pretty good ruts she was still stuck in. However, she upped her culinary game massively in the last year. We let her select our breakfast place in Bemidji and she surprised us with a yuppy place, Red Stu Breakfast Bar, with weird (to us) food.

More surprising was her ordering, and loving, Migas (deep fried tortillas, spicy pulled pork, cheese, eggs over easy, guacamole, tomatoes, pico de gallo, sour cream & black olives (she skipped those last two options). Her favorite breakfast of happy cakes at IHOP is no more. She loved the Migas so much that we took a picture of her plate and sent it to Daddy as an assignment to practice so he can recreate the dish for her at home. Just when you think you know someone, they change. This is good though. It makes it easier to find a place we are all willing to eat.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox at the Visitor Center – permanent sculpture

After a good breakfast, we hit the streets. Bemidji was on our tour list because of their Sculpture Walk. They have numerous permanent sculptures around town as well as nine “Encore Sculptures” (on display more than one year but still for sale), and eighteen “New Sculptures” which won the right to be displayed in 2018. You can pick up a map book at the visitor center and wander the town while you check out the sculptures. This year they also had twelve “Sculpture Painters” themed “Year of the Dog”. I have sprinkled some of my favorites of each throughout this post.

Chief Bemidji along the shore of Lake Bemidji – permanent sculpture

Bemidji the city is on beautiful Lake Bemidji which is part of the Mississippi River. They have a nice visitor center, park, playground and free parking lot right down along the water. After all that walking and picture taking we hit the incredibly convenient ice cream shop right across the street from the visitor center. Talk about a good location.

KROG – The Teenage Mind (by high school students)

Gargoyle (an Encore piece – $1,800.00 and it’s yours)

Mama Bear

Sailing Ship

Rippled Laguna

Great Expectations (with Chloe, our own little bunny)

Herr Blumenhund (Sculpture Painter at the Lucky Dogs eatery) One of twelve painted dogs on display.

If you want to see more: Sculpture Walk FaceBook


As a side note for Bemidji: We highly recommend Sadek’s Repair & Welding. We ordered tires for the RV from them. On our way in from Lake Itasca, only 25 miles from our new tires, a tire blew. We called Sadek’s, they IMMEDIATELY sent a truck, swapped our spare onto the rig and we were on our way. They replaced our tires and balanced the front end while we wandered Bemidji. The price and service were both excellent. They do not do cars. They are a big rig shop and had to look at our E450 chassis to make sure we were big enough to go on their racks. They did not gouge us for being out of towners in an emergency situation. If you need tires and don’t mind playing in beautiful northern Minnesota, go to Sadek’s.

As another side note for Bemidji: While we wandered the town checking out sculptures and waiting for our new tires to be put on, we lost our keys. We retraced ALL of our steps for the ENTIRE day and came up empty. By the time we were done it was after hours so we left messages at the Visitor Center and the Parks and Rec Department of Bemidji. We dug our other set of keys out of the rig and continued on our adventure. Three days later the city of Bemidji called and said “we have your keys”. They shipped them to our PO Box free of charge and we snagged them when we returned to Maryland. Awesome! Kudos to the city for helping us out.

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