Artist Point & Heather Meadows

September 29, 2020


Artist Point – Mount Baker Panorama View

Once we left the North Cascades National Park we headed up on Mt Baker Highway and found a Sno-Park parking lot to dry camp in since the National Forest campgrounds had closed the week before. We could have taken the rig up the mountain but it was getting cold at night so lower elevation was better. We were in the area for ten days (6 at the Sno-Park and 3 at beautiful Silver Lake County Park.) We hiked a lot but there is so much more that is on our list.

Holly with Mount Shuksan in Background

Mount Baker

Table Mountain

Artist Point

This is another go-to spot even if you don’t hike. The views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan are amazing. There are a couple of ADA accessible overlooks and several trails of varying degrees of difficulty leave from this spot.

Upper Bagley Lake

Five and Six-Sided Columns Formed when Lava Cooled

Lower Bagley Lake

Five and Six-Sided Columns Viewed from Top

Heather Meadows

The small visitor center here was closed due to COCID so we didn’t get to check that out. That’s okay because we had plenty to do. We hiked the Fire and Ice Trail, circled Bagley Lakes and generally enjoyed the awesome views AND the wild blueberries that blanketed the ground. There are really cool geologic formations throughout the area, beautiful wildflowers, interesting lakes and that great, big, glacial cirque. If you are into geocaching, there is a good cache right here at Heather Meadows with some interesting facts on the geology of the area. We used this as our launch point for the Chain Lakes/Wild Goose Loop Hike but it is another go-to spot for non-hikers. The view is worth it, they have the paved, ADA-accessible Fire & Ice Trail and the picnic areas are just awesome spots to sit, snack and gaze out at the world.

Mount Shuksan Reflected in Picture Lake

Picture Lake

You’ve likely seen this shot of Mount Shuksan on a calendar, puzzle or motivational poster. They say Shuksan is one of the most photographed mountains in the world. Naturally we had to stop by and take our own shot. With views like this, it’s easy to look like a professional photographer.

H & J

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