The Rock WallMart

Rock Wallmart

Actually, the store is called Prosecutor’s Paradise but Chloe loved this other name that was on the side of the building. We discovered this hidden gem (pun intended) by chatting with the extremely helpful lady in the tourist information center in Calumet. As we talked, she noticed Chloe admiring the beautiful rock and crystal samples they had there. Once she told us there was a huge store up the road that sold rocks, rocks, and more rocks, there was no holding the child back and we headed up the road. I too love rocks but know that they are extra weight that we don’t need in our motor home. All I have to do is stop to admire one and John barks out “No rocks!” Sheesh. I will admit to smuggling a few little ones on board. I’ll find them in the pocket of my rain jacket or tucked in my water bottle sling. I suspect Chloe collected them and gave them to me to hold at some point, forgotten until I put my hand in that pocket, feel the smooth rock, and smile. I like rocks!

BUT, as strict as John is with my rock addiction, he won’t deny the grandchild so I got to visit all the cool rocks too. It is a pretty basic metal building at the side of the road with lots of rocks out front. You can easily miss it as you drive by.

There are huge crates and shelves of inexpensive rocks outside and really impressive ones inside. Some rival museum pieces I’ve seen. They also had many beautiful items, jewelry and dustables, made out of rocks.

Some of the rocks are sold by the piece and some are sold by the pound so check the pricing carefully when selecting your rocks. We gave Chloe a $20 budget and she had a blast picking out rocks. When she showed off her vacation souvenirs, those rocks were one of the first things she pulled out.

If you like rocks, this is the place for you!



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