Duluth Zoo

July 12, 2018

Chloe NEVER passes up a chance to see animals so when she heard we had extra time and Duluth had a zoo, it went on the activity list. The Duluth Zoo is smaller than many we’ve been to. This is not a put down, we’re from the DC Area so the museums, zoos and aquariums are on the MEGA scale so many others, while totally nice, seem small by comparison. We still managed to spend the entire day here. The zoo has a lot of the usual critters so I thought I would just put in a few pictures of the more unique ones.

Eagle bowing


American Bald Eagle – I know this is not unique to this zoo but it’s the first time I’ve had one “bow” to us. The eagle was sitting there, all aloof, gazing majestically into the distance. John snapped a few shots… then a few more… then a few more. The eagle slowly turned to stare straight at John and after another shutter click, he bowed. Having been regally dismissed, we moved on.

Snapping turtle

A really big snapping turtle. He was special because Chloe raised one from moments after it hatched. Leo the turtle would watch TV and “dance” in his tanks when the girls played the Wii Just Dance game. I’m not sure this big guy could swim/dance upright in his tank but maybe he just hasn’t had the right training. He needs a TV.

They had a large nocturnal animal area. They had the usual red lights but you could actually see most of the animals so we were pretty happy with that. Here are a few that came out to say hi:

Sugar Glider –sooooo cute

Sloth – and it’s actually awake and looking at us

Swift Fox – this was a new one for us

We had a good day at the zoo then hopped into our camper house and rolled out to Gooseberry Falls to start our trek up the “North Shore”.


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