James Island County Park, Charleston SC

September 30th to October 5th, 2019

We visited James Island County Park back in 2013 or 2014. We were having trouble finding campsites during the holiday season (who knew southerners spend their holidays camping?) We got lucky and snagged a difficult-to-get-into site for several nights. Once we arrived, we discovered the problem with getting a site wasn’t just the holidays, it was the Holiday Festival of Lights! WOW, what an awesome time to be in that campground.

With that fond memory we were very happy to hear the announcement for our 2019 Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Reunion – James Island County Park!

This visit would be a little different. It wasn’t a nice balmy November with the park draped in Christmas Lights. It was sweltering August! But it was still great. We spent a week there and got to explore a little further. Our conclusion is that it is still a beautiful, well-kept park with a nice campground, walking/biking trails, dog play areas, swimming beach, and water.

We had an awesome time at our reunion visiting with old friends and making new ones. We did a bus tour into Charleston and visited the Boone Hall Plantation then hopped on boat for a tour of the harbor. James Island is a good base for touring the area with the caveat that it IS an island so there were times that it took forever to cross the bridge to the mainland. This is a case where timing is everything but the travel is worth it when you get to return “home” to a beautiful campground and relax.

Boone Hall

Boone Hall

Boone Hall Slave Quarters

Charleston Harbor Tour

Fort Sumter

Fishing Boat

Modern Bridge

J & H

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