We Cut the Anchor!! (another “Best Laid Plans” blog post)

February 14, 2020

This is the beautiful house we lived in for over 30 years. Trees, woods, critters, a large lake (hiding behind those trees) and peace and quiet in the midst of the Maryland hustle and bustle and crowds. Such a sweet place to go to at the end of a hectic day.

We’ve owned our beautiful Phoenix Cruiser for almost seven years now and love living in her full time but we still owned the “stick and brick” house back in Maryland. It was rented out for most of that time through a property manager so we didn’t think much about it. It is a beautiful townhouse in an ideal location – tucked into the woods above a 500 acre lake only 20 miles from DC and 5 minutes from schools, shopping and the MARC train station. It is a little oasis of wonderful nature in a high density area. However, it is also in a high cost of living area and even though it is a townhouse, it is more house than we will ever need again. And, since it had four floors, there were way too many stairs to consider it an ADA accessible home suitable for our future retirement from our retirement. We knew after two months on the road that we were never moving back in.

We were back in Maryland late last year, the house was without a tenant and we decided to cut loose that anchor. We spruced her up a bit and put her on the market. The house was listed on a Friday; Open House was that Sunday; that Monday we had over a dozen offers in a bidding war. Holy Cow! We picked the right real estate agent/team (Nathan Dart from Dart Homes, Rockville, MD if anyone is looking for someone).

Now for the “Best Laid Plans” part of this blog post… We had a scary last minute glitch – This lovely glitch was discovered when the Title Company researched our title which for some reason was left until just over a week before the scheduled settlement.

A bank that no longer exists did not file the Lien Release for a line of credit that was paid off just before the bank was bought out around 20 years ago. The bank that bought them out immediately sold all the debt from that bank to “two different companies” that they wouldn’t name. They had no records on it. We had NO IDEA that lien was never released (I’m not sure we knew it existed). It didn’t show up on our credit reports. No money was owed so no one sent letters asking for payment. We were supposed to receive a letter telling us our “debt” was sold but we never did; maybe because it was zero dollars owed and the line of credit no longer existed. All inquiries about the old debts had to go through a PO Box to the bank’s “back office” – I’m not sure what “back office” really means except it is not good. John did a quick letter with all the information, we borrowed a printer and printed the letter, we dashed into town and found a Fed Ex that was still open – oops, only the Post Office can guarantee overnight delivery to a PO Box… so we raced up the road to a late night Post Office and sent it out. We had resigned ourselves to a settlement delay and possible loss of the sale (the buyer’s loan was only guaranteed until the scheduled settlement date). BUT John’s letter saved the day and the lien release showed up in the mail THE DAY BEFORE SETTLEMENT!!! Pshew! Our real estate agent raced to the courthouse and filed the lien release for us. It was right down to the wire. BUT…

The sale went through on Valentine’s Day as planned for way more than our asking price.

How sweet is that!

Anchors away…. We are still loving our life on the road.


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