Planting Seeds

April 2020

On a trip to Florida long ago we met people involved in Manatee rescue. They were selling adoption packets for $25. We “planted a seed” and adopted a manatee named “Ginger” for our granddaughter (she had a dog named Ginger). She was thrilled and learned all about the manatees. When her parents took her to Florida, they paddled out to see the manatees. Her eyes still light up when she talks about it many years later. That seed grew into an awareness and love for an animal she had never heard of before. (A quick check of their website and I discovered that it is still $25 to adopt and Ginger is still swimming around out there. )

Caption: Ginger the Manatee

When our granddaughter was in 4th grade, she was given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in school. She chose the flute and started screeching and squawking her way to making beautiful music. I know learning an instrument is frustrating and many kids quit after their first year so we “planted a seed” by taking her to the local high school marching band expo. It was freezing cold and went on for hours. But she watched it all, tracking each flute as they performed on the field. By the end of the night she knew she would one day be in marching band. That seed took root and grew. She continued to practice that flute and we went to more expos. If all goes well, she’ll be marching on that field next year. That seed is growing strong and music has become a part of her life.

Caption: Best Friends’ Junior Ambassador

Last year we “planted a seed” when we took her for a volunteer vacation at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. She learned what it takes to care for animals day in and day out (it’s more than just snuggles and sloppy critter kisses). She learned how the sanctuary works to help each animal improve their behavior and get adopted. She watches their website to this day to see if the animals she met have been adopted and what new ones have come in. The seed that we planted grew. We don’t know yet what it might grow into, but it definitely sprouted and is putting out new leaves every day.

We recently spent a wonderful day at Sea Turtle Inc. on South Padre Island, TX It is a very cool organization that works for education, rehabilitation and conservation of sea turtles. We were totally unaware of this group. We think it is really cool so we’re sharing our awareness here with you. We purchased an “adoption” packet for our granddaughter. We can’t get her down here right now so by sending her the adoption packet and links to the website, we “planted a seed” and will see what grows. She chose the turtle patient named “Brisket” because she likes brisket. (That’s just wrong. But on a happy note, by the time we typed this entry, Brisket had finished his healing and was released into the sea.) We’re also trying to set up an interactive virtual visit to Sea Turtle Inc. for her class. That would be a whole classroom full of seeds successfully planted. How cool would that be? If you go to the website make sure you watch the video on the “about” page. It’s a good intro to their facility. (Did you see how I just planted that seed? Now you HAVE to look.)

If you have a child, an adult, or a total stranger that you’d like to educate, encourage, enlighten or just amuse – plant a seed. Find something that may open windows for them; something they can latch onto; something they’ll enjoy. Some of the seeds may never sprout for lack of interest. Some will grow for a while, bloom, then wither and die as they move on to something else. Some may grow into careers. Some will grow into lifelong loves. I can’t say what any seed will do but I can say that if you never plant that seed, it will never have a chance to grow. So, go out and share something you find interesting. Share something you love. Plant a seed.


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