Zapata Falls Hike

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Friday, September 19, 2014

We took our time getting started today. The road to the Zapata Falls trailhead is a 3 mile long washboard dirt and gravel road. Our Subaru Forrester has been dragged behind our RV for thousands of miles. It is usually spattered with mud, dirt and grime kicked up by the RV. Not very dignified for an All Wheel  Drive Vehicle. But driving up this dirt road, the Subaru got a legitimate coating of dust.

The hike to the falls only took 15 minutes.We could hear the falls but could not see it.

Approach to Zapata Falls

Approach to Zapata Falls

Once at the end of the trail we had to cross the stream three times and side step through a tall, narrow cave to view the falls. It was worth the effort.

Zapata Falls

Zapata Falls

While at the falls we watched a family – grandparents with their son and daughter in law, and their two young children. We watched grandpa piggy backing his 5 year old grandson across the creek, hamming it up in the front of the falls and thoroughly enjoying acting like a kid. Just like me and Chloe.


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