Getting back in the groove

We landed at Portland airport late on Monday, January 5th. We were beat but the hotel shuttle snagged us right away, the Radisson checked us in quickly and we were tucked into our bed within an hour of landing. You can’t beat that.

We slept in a bit the next day then headed south toward Silverton. We ate brunch at Shari’s in Oregon City. It was sooo good. We had eaten there on our way to the airport and swore we’d hit it on the way back. The food was good and the portions were reasonable, not big, but enough… especially since they sell award winning pies. We shared a slice of their Oregon Berry Trio pie the first time around and opted to take a whole one home on the return trip. The only problem with their pies is the huge selection. We had a really hard time picking which one we wanted to pig out on.

It felt so good to see our Phoenix Cruiser waiting for us as we pulled into the Silver Spur Campground in Silverton. They don’t normally store rigs but made an exception for us since we had stayed with them on our way into Portland and planned to stay there on the way back out. It is a nice campground with wonderful staff. It is more open than we usually like but the sun was welcome on those cool days we were there. The campground is very clean and well maintained. They have some long term residents in the back half and those sites were also clean and well maintained. No clutter or broken down campers in sight. We were told Silverton is an awesome town to check out but we didn’t make it into town except to shop for groceries. We plan to return some day to spend some time in Silverton and the nearby Silver Falls State Park where we plan to hike the Trail of Ten Falls. It was pretty foggy and dropping below freezing at night by the time we came back through so we were anxious to get to the coast and the more moderate weather.

We quickly moved our house to a regular site and started to dig out. We had stored stuff inside from our outside bins, car trunk, and overhead storage bin then tossed the bikes inside before we locked her up and headed east. It took us about an hour to toss everything back into it’s normal storage spot, hook up the power and water, make the beds, and settle in for a well-deserved nap. It felt so good to be home.


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