We’ve had a few small Oregon coast winter storms roll over us now. One monster wind gust could be heard in the distance rumbling and roaring across the ocean as it advanced upon us. It smacked us along one side then was gone. WHOA – that was different.

As I lay in the bed listening to the storm I started to think of all the things we used to do to prepare for power outages in the old house, because those frequently came along with the storms. Gather flashlights, batteries, emergency drinking water, fill tub with water for flushing toilets, get out extra blankets, charge cell phones, etc. As each potential problem popped into my head, the answer popped back out. Power outage – no worries there, the lights run off the house batteries and they are charged. If campground water runs on a pump and it goes out, we switch to our onboard tank – our water pump runs off the batteries. When the electric heat goes out, we switch to our propane furnace. If our cell phones run down, we charge them off the house batteries or the truck batteries. If our batteries run down, we  fire up the generator and recharge them.

No worries, no worries, no worries. All the potential problems would be solved without leaving our beds. John can reach the controls to switch to propane heat and everything else switches over on its own.

Hmmm, I thought “this is nice” and snuggled down into my bed to enjoy the storm.


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