Wisconsin… for a bit

June 26, 2018 – Wisconsin

This was one of our long drive days. Our whole plan was to get up, drive until we couldn’t, find a place to stop, eat and sleep, then repeat. We made it to Green Bay, Wisconsin where we stayed overnight at Cabela’s. They were great. We called ahead and they told us how to get to their RV parking area around the side of the store. They have five or six long, pull-through spaces AND a free dump station for guests (RVs and boats). There was a sign for a dog walk area and some outdoor kennels where I guess you could put your pet while you shopped. I’d never seen such a thing so I’m not sure on that. The store has awesome animal displays and tons of hunting, fishing and camping gear. Sooo many cool outdoor toys (that we coveted but don’t need). We did buy Chloe some long pants for cool weather hiking and had fun wandering the store and buying a few other little things for the trip. The associates were friendly and helpful without being pushy (I HATE pushy salespeople). They have a little snack bar inside so you don’t even need to drive out to get a meal. Their restrooms were big and clean. It was great. Shortly after we parked another RV rolled into a space and a couple kids and the dad rolled out to toss around a ball and burn off some energy before bedding down. The weather was comfortable and we felt safe so all was well.

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