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Wilson’s Creek, Missouri

October 27, 2018 As far as Civil War battles go, this one was small, although the dead, wounded, and missing would beg to differ – if they could. After First Bull Run (also known as First Manassas), this was the … Continue reading

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Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area

October 24, 2018 Not far from Branson, Missouri is a nice little natural gem called the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area. If you’re old enough, like I am, you the name Henning might sound familiar. That’s because Paul Henning … Continue reading

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Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

October 23, 2018 As on many of our travels, we often come across something to do that wasn’t on our agenda. The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery was one of them. This is the largest trout-rearing fish hatchery in … Continue reading

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Table Rock Lake / Mill Creek Rec Area / Dewey Short Visitor Center and Table Rock Dam

October 22-30, 2018 We LOVE Corps of Engineer Campgrounds! We were so happy with our site at Mark Twain Lake that we decided we’d try to hit more Corps lakes on our way south. In the interest of flood control … Continue reading

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Mark Twain Cave

October 18, 2018 As caves go, the Mark Twain Cave isn’t that spectacular. It can’t hold a candle compared to beauty and features of other caves we’ve been in such as Mammoth Cave, Wind Cave, and Jewel Cave. But this … Continue reading

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Mark Twain Museum and Boyhood Home

October 17, 2018 Our trip to Hannibal was all about a love story: the love of a town; the love of river; love of a girl; and the love of a good story. The first stop on our visit to … Continue reading

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Hannibal, Missouri

October 17, 2018 Downtown Hannibal The downtown area near the Mark Twain attractions has been nicely restored. Many of the buildings were there when Mark Twain lived here. So when you are wandering from place to place you do get … Continue reading

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Mark Twain Birthplace State Historical Site

October 13, 2018 Samuel Clemens, AKA Mark Twain, is one of America’s iconic writers. But there’s always more to the famous man or woman than his or her fame. Who was Samuel Clemens?

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Ray Behrens Rec Area – Mark Twain Lake

October 11, 2018 WE LUCKED OUT! The Recreation.gov website was overhauled and is a serious mess. I went online and spent over an hour fighting with it to find a campsite near Hannibal with little success. According to the new … Continue reading

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